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Monday, 26-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
goodbye all..back home to galway

red clocktower in liverpool
about to land in shannon

Sunday, 25-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
this is anfield

around the outer gates
detailed and strategic map
the kop end
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Saturday, 24-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
8th day in Spain; adios espana, hello gibraltar..

driver and co driver
driver and co drivers
presenting the rock of gibraltar
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24th December 2005

Packing was the big thing today since we were to leave the beloved Andalucia in a few hours time. Had breakfast and after that pushed off to the airport. Some of us had flights at 11.15am, some at 2pm, some at 4pm and mine was at 6.30pm. Myself and Farhan waved goodbye to the lot at the airport before pushing of to Gibraltar spending our last few hours in Andalucia at ‘The Rock’.

This Spain trip has been very memorable and special to me. Alhamdulillah I could call it a success as all of my expectations were met and I hope that other trip members enjoyed and fully benefited from the visit as well. Thank you to everyone that cooperated and made this trip possible.

A lot of lessons could be learnt and taken form this trip. From the splendid and magnificient architectural remains, we could see clearly now the greatness of the past Islamic civilization compared to Europe and the rest of the world at that time. But by jeopardizing Islam and unity by adhering to greed for wealth and power, without doubt Allah could make great civilizations fall to ruins and be humiliated instantly. We must be thankful for Allah that we are blessed with so many opportunities to practice Islam and lead our life to the fullest because Muslims in Spain suffered a lot from the Reconquest, and they still do. Also the importance of practicing Islam to the fullest, unity and harmony among the people even of different cultures and religion, a great appreciation for knowledge and perfection in ones specialty are some of the building blocks of a great Islamic civilization. Wallahualam. InshaAllah I hope to come back again to Andalucia in the future as this place holds a unique aura of belonging and similarity, the glory of the past Islamic civilization still lingers around this land.

Special thanks to Apai aka Fairuz Damen who lended me his superb ixus 430 camera, if without would not make all these pictures possible. Looking forward to borrow it again in the future..hehehe..

Friday, 23-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
7th day in Spain; on the hills of malaga..and the sand..

breakfast of buns
the entrance to alcazaba
a courtyard in alcazaba
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23rd December 2005

After breakfast we pushed off to our first programmed destination in Malaga; the Alcazaba and Castillo de Gibralforo (the Fortress and Castle of Beacon Hill). After sending off the others to the entrance, myself and Farhan had to transport Adzleen and Najaa to the Estacion de Autobus (Bus Stop) because they were catching a bus to Algeciras and then a ferry to Morocco. We joined the lot back at Alcazaba and entered it.

The Alcazaba is a fortified citadel build behind a Roman theater present way before the Muslims conquered Andalucia. Inside the citadel are examples of standard Spanish Muslim architecture; mihrab, decorated columns and arches, courtyards with gardens, sculptures and engravings plus some pottery artifacts. We also climbed up the defensive wall to get some view of the city below.

After about an hour at the Alcazaba, we went to the Castillo de Gibralforo (the Castle of Beacon Hill). As the name suggest, the castle is located on top of a hill just behind the Alcazaba. From above, a splendid panorama of the city, the port and bay with its surrounding mountains could be observed. We trailed along the tall defensive walls surrounding the castle and also explored a mini museum in the middle of the complex. The museum consisted of models of medieval Malaga, the castillo and the Alcazaba, miniature soldiers and armoury that are used over the years. An hour spent at the Castillo and we head to town to get some kebabs and paellas for lunch before pushing off to the beach, Costa del Sol.

We took about 20 minutes to find a spot because we didn’t quite know where to go and stop. The beach was very sandy and coast of Costa del Sol was very long. We prayed Zuhr and Asr on the beach before continuing with a Trip Review and discussion of the Prophet’s companions given to each car; Salman al-Farisi, Abdullah ibn Mas’ud, Abu Ayyub al-Ansari and Umm Sulaim. I had to send Aida to the airport for a while because her flight back home to Ireland was on that evening. At about 7pm we headed back to town for some sightseeing and shopping. At 10pm all of us headed back to the hostel, with thoughts of going back to Ireland the next day with a legacy of Andalucian memories to cherish.

Thursday, 22-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
6th day in Spain; continue Sevilla...Malaga here we come!!

packing stuff into car
road crossing in seville
seville town hall
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22nd December 2005

Next morning, the MYS Spain trip convoy head off to Seville city centre right after breakfast. Our aim destination today is the Giralda but it will not open until 11am so we parked our cars at Plaza de Espana again, and walked along the Guadalquivir River to reach Torre del Oro (The Golden Tower). It was an outpost defensive tower at the end of the city wall which joins the Alcazares and the city to its water supply.

Further ahead we came upon Plaza de Toros (Bullfight Ring) but it was closed because there was no fight on. So we just hang out by some seats opposite the plaza and took pictures. Then we walked into the city centre in the direction of the Giralda, it’s near 11am.

In a few minutes we were at the gates of the Cathedral of Seville, which housed the Giralda. The grounds of the Seville Cathedral used to be of the Great Mosque, but the mosque was demolished to allow the building of the cathedral and all that remains of the old mosque is the converted minaret (Giralda) and the Courtyard of Oranges (used to be a place for ablution). The Seville Cathedral is big, very big; in fact it’s the 3rd largest cathedral in the Christian world. It’s quite an impressive work of architecture inside and outside. In the cathedral, we hurried to the Giralda and climbed its 35 storey to the top. Up there was a magnificient view of Seville and its surroundings. The Giralda was built during the Almohad rule with a dome and 4 Spheres of the Pinnacle (Yamur) on top. An earthquake in 1356 brought down the pinnacle and it was replaced by a bell tower. The Giralda was further modified with bells and other Christian elements during the Renaissance period. Exiting the Seville Cathedral we passed through a souvenir shop and the Courtyard of Oranges.

We head back to our cars but stopped for some food at the same pizzeria. When everyone’s got their food, we packed and pushed off to Malaga. The distance was roughly 200km and the journey was very nice with plains and mountainous landscapes. In about 2 and a half hours time we reached our accommodation in Malaga. The hostel was all right but a bit far from city centre. So that night, the brothers went on a ride to town to familiarize with the roads and also grab some dinner, Chinese food again. After the fried rice and noodles we went to the night market hunting for souvenirs and then went back to the hostel for some sleep and rest.

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